The recipe for this esthetical dish, “art-delicacy” from special kind of food for impressions, consists of the painter’s gift to portray something corresponding with eternal, spiritual, transcendental, abstract, hidden behind conscious – unconscious, revealing our own face, tracing the image or a hero with thousands of personifications. In fact, there exist more than one thousand, their number equals to the quantity of those having seen the painting, adding the number of inner metamorphoses among attentive viewers.


The intrigue of the project is the possibility to contemplate the form of our perception. This perception produces a thoughtform, which is completely individual and can’t be considered as true or false. The neuronal complexes in brain act like self-organized systems causing a transformation of perception into the stable conditions – thoughtforms. A thoughtform is regarded as a hypothesis suitable for the cognition of our own perception. The semantic code of the exposition unveils in a discrete-wave function of the variables.


The interaction between the painter and the recipient in the context of the painting involves the area of fine perceptions. The context defines a direction of a thought flow. A strong bond exists between perception and flow of the attention. The painter uses an optical method, the zoom effect, dynamic scaling, filling a painting space with a surrounding of potential macro- and microforms. Big is created from small, and big contains small. A method that allows to visualize a form of thoughts. A spectator becomes a co-participant of creation of a painting, reacting to the painter’s message with his inner individual content.